Advice for young drivers

Michigan auto insurance quotes advice for young driversIf a child grows up in Michigan they learn early about cars. After all, they don’t call Detroit the Motor City for nothing! Because it’s such a big part of every teenagers life, it’s important to talk to kids about driving. Parents can help them understand some of the consequences of what they do, and how that can count when they go out to find lower cost Michigan auto insurance quotes.

  1. If you drink, do not drive. Kids think they will never come to harm—it’s one of the great delusions of youth. And they don’t think that one beer will impair their driving. It is really important to drill this into young drivers because peer pressure to drink and drive can be a killer.
  2. When you are young it is easier to be distracted on the road. It is more important than ever to avoid distractions of any kind when at the wheel. This is another one of those things that kids find hard to believe. That’s why parents need to get really serious with their kids.
  3. Traffic tickets are a big deal. Young drivers don’t often face bills as large as auto insurance, so they don’t understand the significance of a clean driving record. They don’t know that the more tickets they get, the higher their auto insurance rates. This is a lesson most parents forget to tell their young drivers. Bring up auto insurance when they first learn to drive so they are educated.
  4. Safety is everything. Many young drivers think that if they are in control of the car no harm will come to them. They need to understand how important it is to buckle up their safety belts and to keep to the speed limit. It is hard to explain risk to young people but so important.
  5. Texting is part of every young person’s life. Even though we hear many messages that tell us “don’t text and drive” young people still do it. Find a way to impress on your teen driver that they should turn their phone off when driving.
  6. Teach them about car insurance and that they should ask what discounts might apply to them. You might also see an improvement in report cards if you tell them that by improving their grades they could qualify for Good Student car insurance discounts.