Our Story


Though Bloggers without Borders has only recently been launched, the blogging community has long been using their platforms for good, raising both money and awareness for fellow bloggers and people around the world.

Blogging buddies turned in-real-life best friends, Maggy Keet and Erika Pineda-Ghanny, were enthusiastic supporters of such fundraising efforts. But it wasn’t until Erika’s house burned to the ground the night of August 31st, 2010 that they witnessed firsthand the fundraising power of the blogging community. In the hours after the fire, Maggy and blogging friend Alice Currah quickly initiated an online fundraising campaign which raised over $11,000 for Erika’s family in just a week.

It suddenly became clear that there were thousands of bloggers and readers out there who would give (and generously) at nearly every opportunity. But, Maggy thought, if only it were easier. If only there were an existing platform or website where updates and progress could be posted, where the strength and good will of the blogging community could easily be harnessed. Thus was born the idea for a blogger-based charity. Maggy had non-profit background and Erika had experience in finance and technology. With those modest qualifications and the will to unite bloggers for good causes, they embarked on this journey of starting a non-profit together.